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College Admission: How to Get Into Your Dream School

A how-to guide for college-bound students and their families.

About the Book

College Admission: How to Get Into Your Dream School—Real Students, Real Stories is a how-to guide for college-bound students and their families filled with personal, relevant guidance and useful information in the college search and application process. Students who have successfully joined the ranks of their dream schools share their own journeys and first-hand experiences that led them to college acceptance. Expert advice, tips, and pitfalls from high school counselors, college admissions officers, and the author’s own observations in working with thousands of high school scholars provide an equal level of hope for all students as they identify and apply to their dream schools. Real stories and essay samples from real students pursuing a wide range of school options—from community colleges to the Ivy League—are what set this book apart. It is a relatable and rich resource for anyone looking to find his or her best-fit college or university.

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What You'll Read About

Choosing the Right College

Application Tips

Successful Student Essays

Applying for Scholarships

Securing Financial Aid

Advice for Parents

About the Author

James W. Lewis is President of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), which he established in 2002 along with friend and co-founder, Claes Nobel, a member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. NSHSS supports more than 2 million lifetime members, from 170 countries and is recognized as the world’s largest honor society for young high achievers. As the president of NSHSS, James is a mentor for high school students from freshmen to seniors and to college students making the transition to their career. NSHSS is designed to recognize diverse students and encourage them to be a positive influence through service, leadership, and volunteer programs.

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James Lewis’s book “College Admission: Real Students, Real Stories” about current students and their experiences in high school and during the college admissions process is a wonderful and important addition to helpful resources at a time that too often is filled with angst.

– Nancy T. Beane Former President of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)